TAB Out of Home Ratings are standardized, quantitative and reliable, providing exhaustive demographic information across the country. Now that TAB Ratings has been unanimously voted the official currency for out of home measurement, an increasing number of media thought leaders are endorsing the system's efficacy.

At the heart of this confidence is the breadth and depth of what we report. For example:

››  Number of DMAs covered 205
››  Number of CBSAs covered 950
››  Number of Posters/Junior Posters and Bulletins 287,000+
››  Number of Transit Shelters, Phone Kiosks, Urban and Digital Urban Panels 50,000+

There's lots of progress and innovation happening in the out of home industry, including audience measurement. Now, more than ever, you can discover how TAB can help with your out of home planning and buying - nationally, regionally and locally.

A great place to start is our Market Locator. It will help you identify inventory by DMA or CBSA, by out of home type, with links to our media partners selling the inventory.



What an exciting time to be joining TAB and the Out of Home industry! With Q1's revenue increase of nearly 5%, OOH advertising is celebrating 20 consecutive quarters of growth – with no end in sight. As the industry continues to expand and innovate, it is time for us at TAB to embrace a new vision of measurement as well. The TAB Leaders Taskforce has been working for months to create this vision, and I am looking forward to helping bring that vision to life.

My predecessor, Joe Philport, the board, and the dedicated staff at TAB have built a robust and powerful methodology to measure OOH ratings. We envision evolving this measurement to include enhancements such as advanced demographic targeting and the ability to identify campaign impact. I believe that innovations in mobile and gps technology offer great potential to achieve and exceed these goals. We need to increase training to help spread awareness, understanding and adoption of TAB measurement across the industry.

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