Up Close with Billups’ Matt Leible


Chief Marketing Officer, Billups

Member of the Geopath Board of Directors and Brand Council Representative

This is a pivotal time in OOH history as we move forward and embrace a new world of advertising– a move that can only be augmented by the drive and talent of its forerunners. Matt Leible, CMO at Billups shares with us why it’s important to be adaptable and to cultivate connections in and out of OOH.

How would you describe Billups’ culture?

Driven, Optimistic, Evolving, Tech-Friendly. Billups offers a diversified environment where client service nurtures organic growth, a love of new business, and an independent spirit.

How has Billups evolved over the past five years?

Rapidly. Mostly by leaning into the future with an optimism and freedom to do things differently. We’ve grown our existing client base while aggressively enhancing our expansion via talent and business acquisitions. The evolution has taken us from Ben’s Portland living room to our current 11 market national footprint. OOH Planning & Buy...

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