TAB provides its annual release of Out of Home ratings in January of each year. This major release includes changes in the population universe to reflect the current calendar year and updates in all ratings.

In addition, quarterly updates are released to include new inventory and new media companies.

Current Audience Delivery System (ADS) Panel Submission Deadlines:

  • Updates to existing panel inventory made through Friday, May 29th will be included in the July update to TAB Audience Delivery System (ADS) data
  • New panel submissions sent to TAB through Friday, May 8th will be available in the July ADS update, provided that panel data is complete, and traffic count data is available. Please note that inventory submissions of more than 200 panels may take longer to process

TAB Out of Home Ratings Flash Reports are interim reports that provide official TAB Out of Home Ratings numbers for new inventory, or corrected information for current inventory, while plants wait for the next TAB Out of Home Ratings database release or update. The numbers reflected in the Flash Reports can be used in negotiations. However the new data or changes to existing data reflected on the Flash Reports will not be reflected in any third party processing system until the next official database update or full release. The Flash Reports are organized alphabetically by plant and may reflect multiple markets.

To view current Flash Reports please click here. Be advised that you must be a current full TAB member to access the Flash Reports.



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