TAB Out of Home Ratings are standardized, quantitative and reliable, providing exhaustive demographic information across the country. Now that TAB Ratings has been unanimously voted the official currency for out of home measurement, an increasing number of media thought leaders are endorsing the system's efficacy.

At the heart of this confidence is the breadth and depth of what we report. For example:

››  Number of DMAs covered 205
››  Number of CBSAs covered 950
››  Number of Posters/Junior Posters and Bulletins 287,000+
››  Number of Transit Shelters, Phone Kiosks, Urban and Digital Urban Panels 50,000+

There's lots of progress and innovation happening in the out of home industry, including audience measurement. Now, more than ever, you can discover how TAB can help with your out of home planning and buying - nationally, regionally and locally.

A great place to start is our Market Locator. It will help you identify inventory by DMA or CBSA, by out of home type, with links to our media partners selling the inventory.



Welcome to TAB, the official ratings provider for out of home advertising. No matter what role your company plays in the business of advertising, you'll find virtually everything you need to know about the methodologies and relevance of out of home audience measurement through TAB.

We encourage you to explore our new site completely. There’s a lot to discover from our Market Locator to TAB Out of Home Ratings eLearning, and our in-depth research.

Also, we’d love to hear from you. Whether for member services information or to open dialogue about how we help agencies, advertisers and media companies, we’re here to help you plan and buy out of home media more effectively.

Thanks for your interest in TAB.
Joe Philport, President & CEO


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